Hello, and welcome, I am Stephanie Chavez.  I am an inspired jewelry artist, infusing all of my pieces with soul, passion and purpose.  It’s my deepest pleasure to create for my people.  I believe jewelry is more than just a thing we wear, but an expression of who we are and what we love.  With this in mind, all my jewelry in my Signature Jewelry Line is produced with care and intention, and designed to magnify the inner radiance of the person connected to the piece.

Knowing that purpose was a big part of why I create what I do, I saw incredible value in creating a design line that honored loved ones who have passed, and gave birth to two new lines, one devoted to preserving our connection to the friends and family members we love, my Memorial Line, as well as our animal friends and family, with my Furever Impressions line of products.


Stephanie Chavez