Furever Impressions

This line is straight from my heart to yours.  Knowing just how much our furry family members mean to us, and how short- in contrast to ours- their lives can be, I wanted to create a line to honor them as they live with us, and after they pass, thus Furever Impressions was born.

I create each piece of jewelry using your pet’s actual paw print, as well we work together to infuse any words or intentions you wish to have incorporated into the design, assuring that your memories and love are held sacred for years to come.

Each piece is handcrafted and uniquely customized here in the USA, with only the highest quality materials.

These are timeless treasures that make amazing gifts or keepsakes for you and loved ones, and will honor the depth of your connection for a lifetime.

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 “Constant, Loyal and True, my heart will always wear the paw prints left by you.”

Stephanie Chavez Designs, Furever Impressions Stephanie Chavez Designs, Furever Impressions