I believe jewelry is more than just a thing we wear, but an expression of who we are and what we love.  With this in mind, all my jewelry in my Signature Jewelry Line is produced with care and intention, and designed to magnify the inner radiance of the person connected to the piece.

The signature line is inspired by my creative desire to bring evolution and innovation to all my designs.  I believe life is our muse, and allowing fresh ideas and offerings to move through me, not only enhances my life and the joy behind my process, but also brings you or the wearer unique and flavorful designs that allow you to express yourself in a crowd.

I have created designs that are simple, and others that are infused with more funky flows, because some days call for simplicity, while others ask for more color and flare.  No matter what pieces speak to you, rest assured they are all infused with the same amount of love and passion, and the wearer’s unique expression in mind.

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